Consulting Services in Trade and Customs compliance

Our subject matter expert is Attorney Joe Valentine who is licensed to practice law in Washington D.C., North Carolina and Florida. He is also a Licensed Customs Broker and has over 25 years of experience in trade compliance including export controls, sanctions, customs compliance and anti-boycott as well as trade remedies. His experience includes working for the U.S. government, Indian government and numerous multinational corporations. He has worked as Joint Commissioner of Customs in India and as Director and International Trade Compliance Counsel for a major Fortune 50 corporation in Florida besides consulting for numerous other companies in North America and Asia. He also has prior experience working as Adjunct Trade Compliance Faculty for a University, Guest Faculty for Duke University and has been an invited speaker at ICPA conferences.

If you have questions on specific topics, Attorney Valentine is available for individual or small group consulting or tutoring sessions. These sessions will be held over Zoom, Google Meet, or phone and email.

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