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    Hello! Look for some background on this question – it was one that I narrowed down the answer choices and selected one I thought may be the answer but was not confident. I register that this citation is literally called “Time of Entry” but the Explanation doesn’t appear to tell me why it was appropriate for the question and that’s where I could really use your insights. Thanks in advance!

    Question 18
    Category: Anti-Dumping/Countervailing duties

    The determination of the applicable AD/CVD investigations or orders is governed by the “time of entry” according to which:

    A: 19 CFR 142.3
    B: 19 CFR 141.0(a)
    C: 19 CFR 159.10
    D: 19 CFR 141.68
    E: 19 CFR 132.4

    Correct. Correct choice is: D
    Explanation: 19 CFR 113.13(d)

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    This is a data entry error while entering the answer key information in the database as the explanation for Q 17 was entered incorrectly for Q 18 and will be corrected shortly. The correct answer choice for Q 18 is D but the correct explanation as per the official answer key for the April 2018 exam is Time of Entry 19 CFR 141.68 and 19 CFR 151.69.

    However 19 CFR § 151.69 refers to Transfer or exportation of part of sampling unit which is not really relevant here. 19 CFR § 141.68 prescribes how to determine Time of entry and it provides the relevant explanation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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