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    I missed a couple of questions on the POA quiz and wanted a bit of clarity.

    On question 9, I chose ‘B’, but the correct answer is ‘D’. I reviewed the reference in 19 CFR 141.36 about non-residents. The answer, “The POA is invalid since it does not allow for the service of process”, threw me off with the wording. However, I was still way off base. Is this the answer because the Corp. issuing the POA is based in CANADA and is thus a non-resident, where a POA would not be authorized? If not, what am I missing?


    In question 10, the answer is “A. The POA does not require a completed statement of Corporate Certification, which is a written submission establishing the authority of the grantor designated to execute the POA on behalf of Quick Imports, Inc.”. Again I checked the reference and am a bit confused. The previous question mentions that the POA example is invalid; so if that’s true, why would a written statement now be required? I checked the reference and couldn’t make sense of it, given what we know from the question prior to this one.


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    Would you please post the questions and answer choices, official answer and your answer for both questions, so I can review?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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