What is the computer adaptive method and why is it the best way to prepare for the Customs Broker Exam?

Most people generally agree that the best way to learn any new material is to use a personal tutor because the learning experience can be interactive and personalized with a tutor. A personal tutor can enable the student to focus on important topics, as well as identify areas of strengths and weaknesses to create a personalized study plan to rectify weaknesses. This type of personalized guidance helps to improve performance in the shortest possible time. However, it is expensive and therefore quite impractical to use a personal tutor to prepare for the Customs Broker License Exam. But, there is an alternate way to replicate the personal tutor experience without the high cost and that is the computer adaptive approach.

We have made innovative use of technology to implement the computer adaptive approach, by building an interactive website that adapts to each user to mimic as closely as possible the experience of learning customs compliance with a personal tutor but at a fraction of the cost. Our software is adaptive and personalizes the learning experience for each user in the following ways:

  • The software tracks every lesson that a user takes and color codes it with grey for unread, yellow for incomplete and green for completed lessons, so the user can track the material covered as well as the material to be covered at any given point in time.
  • The software also tracks every quiz and online test taken by the user with grey indicator for not taken, yellow for incomplete, red for fail and green for pass so the user can focus on retaking any failed quizzes or tests.
  • It records the user’s scores on every subject quiz and online test that the user takes and uses that information to produces graphical reports to enable the user to analyze subject wise performance. This quickly enables users to identify their strengths and weaknesses, so they can focus their attention on the identified weaknesses.
  • As the software keeps track of the user’s progress, it provides customized recommendations identifying areas of weaknesses and advising the user to focus on specific topics to improve scores. This feedback and recommendations are personalized for each user.
  • The Performance Level Indicator (PLI) reviews user performance using the attributes of Recency, Consistency and Uniqueness in our proprietary algorithm to evaluate the user’s level of preparedness to take the Customs Broker License Exam. The user can determine with a high degree of precision their current level of readiness to take the test.
  • At the end of each quiz and test, the software provides access to correct answers with explanations, so the user can understand where and why he or she went wrong to avoid making similar errors in future tests.
  • The Forum provides an online system to seek clarifications on doubts and discuss specific questions or topics with the instructor and other students.
  • The Blog provides guidance and helpful tips to enable users to save time and improve their scores.
  • The Instant Chat application provides another method to seek quick clarifications making this a truly interactive and responsive experience.

The software is designed to give the user an immersive adaptive experience with personalized feedback for an individual study plan, that leverages the user’s strengths and rectifies his or her weaknesses. Each user will have a unique individual and personalized experience while using the software. The personalized study plan is a very effective way of preparing for the Customs Broker Exam because it saves time and focuses efforts on areas of weaknesses enabling users to quickly boost their mastery over difficult topics and consequently improve their performance rapidly.

With over 120 short subject quizzes on 16 selected most tested topics, which cover 99% of test questions set in the past 20 years, and 20 full length timed old online practice tests containing 1,600 questions, the software provides over 250 hours of online personalized instruction and intensive test practice to best prepare you for the Customs Broker Exam. Compare this with about 24 hours of generalized classroom training that a 3-day boot camp can provide, and it is obvious that our program offers much greater value and is easily the best way to prepare for the Customs Broker Exam.

The innovative computer adaptive method of preparing for the Customs Broker Exam brings you the advantages of having a virtual personal tutor in the comfort of your home at an affordable cost. Prepare at your own pace and take the time to master the material so you can handle tough questions with confidence. Drill yourself repeatedly using our online quizzes and tests and track your performance using our graphical reports. Learn effective time management and practice accessing relevant material by taking up to 20 full length online practice tests. Measure your readiness to take the test using our Performance Level Indicator (PLI). No other provider offers so much actual online test practice and this is the best way to prepare for the Customs Broker Exam.

Please send us a note if you have any questions. Register for a free account and access one lesson, one quiz and one test free and take the software for a test drive for one week to see for yourself how effective our computer adaptive system is to best prepare you for the Customs Broker Exam.