Strategies for passing the US Customs Broker License Exam

The US Customs Broker License Exam is perceived to be a challenging exam as its pass rate has varied from around 3% to over 30%. Some people are of the view that this exam is more difficult than the Bar exam because of its low passage rate. However, unlike the Bar exam, the Customs Broker [...]


What should you do if you fail the U.S. Customs Broker License Exam?

Thousands of people fail the US Customs Broker License Exam every year. Historically, the pass rates have ranged from around 3% to over 30% for different exams. So, it is not unusual for a good candidate to fail this exam and you should not feel defeated or unduly pessimistic over a failure. It is normal [...]


Does CBP repeat questions on the Customs Broker Exams?

Yes, some questions are repeated across different Customs Broker Exams. Sometimes the questions are similar, but they can also be almost identical. However, it is really important to note that though questions may be repeated, their correct answers may be different for different test administrations. This is because the regulations and HSN tariff are often [...]


Application of computed value in Customs valuation

Here is an example of application of the computed value method in customs valuation as tested on a previous Customs Broker License Exam. April 2001 Test 41) Laminate Industries in Seattle, Washington, sells laminated plywood sheets to the building and home improvement industries. It purchases its large plywood sheets from its parent company, Canadian Laminates, [...]


Test practice by taking old Customs Broker License Exams

Test practice by taking old Customs Broker License Exams is a very effective way to prepare for the actual exam. However, you should bear in mind that the reference material used for answering the questions was different in each year. Some of the answers may appear incorrect when you refer current reference material, but the [...]


Should I practice by taking old Customs Broker License Exams?

The more you prepare, practice and train for the Customs Broker License Exam, the better you are likely to perform in the actual test. It is necessary to obtain adequate knowledge of the highly tested topics before taking practice exams. This can be achieved by reading the prescribed Customs Broker License Exam Guide, online lessons, [...]


Is it very difficult to pass the Customs Broker Exam?

The short answer is, “No, but it depends.” It depends primarily on two important variables viz. your level of preparation and the degree of difficulty of the test. Several factors influence these two variables. Your level of preparation may depend on factors such as your motivation, prior work experience, level of education, aptitude and time [...]


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