Should I practice by taking old Customs Broker License Exams?

The more you prepare, practice and train for the Customs Broker License Exam, the better you are likely to perform in the actual test. It is necessary to obtain adequate knowledge of the highly tested topics before taking practice exams. This can be achieved by reading the prescribed Customs Broker License Exam Guide, online lessons, [...]


What is a special examination for the Customs Broker License?

The regular Customs Broker Exam is held twice a year on the fourth Wednesday in April and October unless the regularly scheduled examination date conflicts with a national holiday, religious observance, or other foreseeable event in which case the CBP will publish an appropriate notice of a change in the examination date in the Federal [...]


Time management for the Customs Broker Exam

Time management is critical to passing the Customs Broker Exam. The test has 80 objective questions and each question provides five alternatives to choose the correct answer. The test is timed, and you currently have four and half hours to answer 80 questions. Prior to October 2014, the time permitted to answer 80 questions on [...]


Who is eligible to become a Licensed Customs Broker?

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, to obtain a broker's license, an individual must: Be a citizen of the United States on the date of submission of the license application and not an officer or employee of the United States Government; Attain the age of 21 prior to the date of submission of the [...]


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